Soluções para Transportes

Since 1985 when Barrier Systems first introduced the QuickChange Moveable Barrier (QMB), road authorities around the world have been taking advantage of this low cost solution for adding lanes for rush hour traffic to reduce congestion, improve safety and increase traffic throughput. By taking a previously immoveable object and making it moveable at up to 15 km/h, road authorities are able to increase the effective capacity of highway systems including HOV lanes and bridges, as well as work zones. In 1999, needing a portable crash cushion that could be moved through a QMB transfer machine, BSI engineers developed the ABSORB 350 crash cushion. Excellent market reception led to the development of the TAU-II crash cushion using proven European TAU technology. Today BSI is recognized as a global leader for the supply of crash cushions, terminals, TMAs and portable barriers. BSI consistently develops solutions for road hazards and provides the best product based on life cycle costing

Infrastructure is fundamental for the growth of a country; creating business opportunities and connections that generate work and a virtuous circle that improves economy of a nation. In order to create a real and tangible virtuous circle, infrastructures must be safe. Since 1955 Snoline’s mission is to contribute to this growth by developing products and services that make roads safer. For over 50 years Snoline works hard to save lives every day. Snoline uses all of its resources and its passion to increase customers’ satisfaction, by producing and providing the best products and services for road safety. Our challenge is to make sure that our products and services are perceived by our customer as “lifesaving”.

Lindsay Transportation Solutions provides a full line of grade crossing walkout cantilevers, wayside cantilevers, lights, transit signals and junction boxes. The LTS railroad product division understands the need for customer service and will deliver products right, on time, the first time.

In the electrical engineering industry, Digitec provides a problem solving service. We will collaborate with you throughout the development cycle to produce exciting, value added products. Digitec has thrived, developing a reputation for “outside of the box” thinking and rapid turnaround in hardware and software development. In addition to a core competency in electrical engineering design, Digitec has the ability to take your projects from start to finish with its manufacturing division. A cycle of efficient engineering, prototyping and testing can move directly into production without leaving Digitec’s facilities.