Tracking Solutions

Zimmatic Trax Tracking
Ideal for difficult areas and all terrains

For your toughest tracking problems, Trax tackles any terrain. Superior tread eliminates ruts with no tires to change. Enclosed in a high-ribbed, wide-based tread, Trax distributes weight evenly creating 13 square feet (1.2 square meters) of surface contact to avoid rutting and pivot shutdowns.
• Wider base for better floatation and lower ground pressure
• Greater traction for improved climbing ability
• Sealed components for longer product life and low maintenance
• Quick and easy to install – no additional modifications needed
• Uses existing pivot tire hub and the same bolts
• Reduces drivetrain and truss structure wear and tear

Tracking Solutions

Zimmatic Three-Wheel Tower for Marshy Problem Soils

Add power to increase traction and prevent rutting with Zimmatic’s three-wheel tower structure.
• Spend less time dealing with stuck machines
• Increase tire life
• Reduce drivetrain wear and tear
• Irrigate acres currently left idle

Tracking Solutions

Zimmatic Three-Wheel Conversion for Tower Structure

Gain all of the advantages of a three-wheel tower structure without having to replace your standard two-wheel drive tube. A simple economical third-wheel conversion kit will give your current model added floatation and increased traction.

Tracking Solutions

Zimmatic Drivable Grass for Irrigation Traction

An inexpensive solution to problem areas
When water and mud are already present in the wheel track, Drivable Grass delivers the traction you need to keep moving.  Avoid expensive mid-season track repairs with this inexpensive solution for managing deep and slippery wheel tracks.  Simply cut the Drivable Grass to fit existing wheel tracks.

  • Quick, simple and inexpensive to use
  • Works with any type of equipment
  • Helps minimize track repairs

® Drivable Grass is a registered trademark of Soil Retention.